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Investor Partnerships in Matthews, NC

 Carolina Capital Properties specializes in working with your passive investment goals, finding the deal, and bringing you the opportunity to invest in multifamily and residential real estate. 

Founded in 2017, centrally located in Charlotte, NC, we are a boutique firm working across the Carolinas and Southeast. We work with other capital groups, brokers, sellers and equity investors to source and secure value add, distressed properties built with solid business plans for rehabilitation and stabilization, bringing strong returns, capital and managed asset appreciation. Our niche is to present the opportunity, you review and decide.

Mission and Value Statement

We are focused on building personalized, sustainable relationships with one client investor, one property at a time through knowledge, integrity and transparency.  We are specialized by providing each investor the opportunity to get into strong cash flowing real estate assets that will take their passive income wealth strategy to the next level.

Investment Strategy

Our goal is to help each investor make money and grow their passive income without the heavy-lifting of finding a deal or bringing the majority of equity. We help you realize you can passively invest in a deal that makes sense and provides the returns you want. Every investor wants to know "what is it going to cost me and how much will I make?" We provide the expertise in providing the right opportunity through asset underwriting and valuation in emerging markets, plans to stabalize and create appreciation, procuring the right debt financing structure, while understanding the market risk over the term period and the detail on how the asset will be managed. Our team provides these opportunities directly and through other capital and equity groups we work with. With a team of experts, industry knowledge and integrity, we work for the investor each time, giving them a hands-off wealth strategy.

Our Real Estate Investment Portfolio Includes:

  • Multi-Family, over 150 units in partnership and growing
  • Residential Rehabs, In Progress
  • Residential Rentals, 3 SFH
  • Joint Ventures, In Progress
  • Syndication, In Progress
  • Capital Raising, In Progress

Our team is here to help you turn your passive investing goal in to a reality with smart real estate investments.

Let’s Get Started

Take your first step towards your next real estate investment by contacting us today! You can do this by either calling us at (704) 516-4789 or filling out the form below. We look forward to working with you!

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Contact Us

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